Tablet Zip Bag Small

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Tablet Zip Bag Small

I have a family of 3 generations of Harry Potter fans, when one of my youngest granddaughters asked for a cover for her Kindle Tablet how could I refuse?!

We made a few extra covers and zip bags in our favorite Harry Potter fabrics. The cover fits an 8”x 5.5” I Pad Mini in a protected case, a Nook 7.40” x 4.20” in a protected case and the small Amazon Kindle in a protected case.

The Tablet Cover Zip Bag itself is 10” x 7” and is extra padded just like our Misti Zip Bags.

Larger sizes are available on request.


This item is available as a custom design.

Flamingos and watermelons or your favorite Superhero

your cover will be as unique as you are!

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