How do I care for my new bag?  Please check out our Care For page.


What is your Shipping and Returns Policy?  You can read those here.  


How can I order a custom bag or cover?  Send us a note through the Contact Us page and let us know what you would like.


I bought a Junkie Bunkie, will my Mini MISTI fit inside of it?  It sure will!  However, we do recommend putting your Mini MISTI into the Zip Pouch to keep her safe.


Can I purchase an ensemble set in the same fabric?  Yes, you can!  Just contact us to make sure we have enough fabric to fulfill your order.


I liked a Bunkie Bag fabric, but I do not see it listed in the store anymore.  Is there a way to get a bag made with that fabric?  Ooooh, this is a hard question to answer as sometimes we run out of fabric, the fabric is discontinued or some other sad fate has occurred.  If you have your heart set on a particular bag, your best bet is to snag it up immediately or contact us to see if we can find more of it.