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Junkie Bunkie is our newest edition! 

She is the result of a fun collaboration of Simply Charming Everyday and Stamp Junkies Admins on Facebook. They asked for a bigger Bunkie Bag with a zipper and we made it so!                                                                               
Bunkie is a she, because she does all & then some and makes it looks incredibly easy!
Miss Junkie Bunkie safely carries all of your favorite card making or craft supplies to your work table or to a Weekend Retreat with your girlfriends!

  Please Note: The items in the Paint Swatch Junkie Bunkie are for demonstration purposes only they are NOT included. Just in case you were wondering :)

Perfect for :

  • Handwork projects
  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • Embroidery
  • Journaling
  • Road Trips for snacks, drinks, games & toys
  • Personal Beach Tote

Care instructions: Please hand wash your Junkie Bunkie in cool water and air dry, warm iron if necessary.