Bunkie Bling Charm Flip flops

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Bunkie Bling!

We love our craft bags whether it is a Bunkie Bag, Junkie Bunkie, So Suzy Tote, Creativity Tote, Misti Zip Bag, Mini Misti Zip Pouch,

Memory Misti Zip Tote. 

After a fun day shopping and seeing the pretty bling in the stores Suzy and I decided we needed Bunkie Bling! Our dear friend, Misty Moto of Skully Crafts, hand makes the cutest charms, so we went to her for a brain storming session! After lots of silliness we came up with a fun variety of charms to start out with.  Each of Skully Crafts Charms, Charm Holders and Book Worms are handmade and no two are exactly alike.  The Charms on average are the size of a quarter, each one comes with a small lobster claw clasp which works with standard zippers.  The Charm Holders are great if you'd like to string your charm collection together and decorate your bag straps.  We hope you enjoy your Bunkie Bling!

One of our most popular summer fabric is the Flip Flop, it's bright and fun goes with just about everything! It looks great in Mini Misti Zip Pouch all the thru to the  is the Memory Misti Tote.  So Misty Moto of Skully crafts created a charm perfect for our favorite summer tote!